The Green Investment Report


We live in an age of increasingly complex global challenges that mandate new approaches. As we witness the combined—and increasingly inter-related—challenges of the global economic crisis and the climate change crisis, we also witness the need for new forms of both dynamic and resilient global leadership to solve these challenges, using innovative, multistakeholder approaches. Arguably, mobilising the required scale of green investment lies at the core of the combined global economic and climate challenge and demands new such approaches for triggering action. This makes it a pertinent agenda for the World Economic Forum. Since receiving an invitation to create the 2009 G20 multistakeholder Task Force on Low Carbon Prosperity, the Forum has been delighted to support its members and stakeholders to trigger public-private innovation in this space, including the 2010 Critical Mass Climate Finance Initiative with the United Nations Foundation and the International Finance Corporation, supported by various institutional investor groups; and support to the 2011 Green Growth “Business 20” (B20) Task Force for the French G20 Chair. From its investor community, the Forum also ran a successful series of complementary Green Investment Reports, 2009-2011, reporting on the state of the global clean energy investment agenda.



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November 26, 2016

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